Slide Illustrations done in illustrator for a demand generation presentation
 Email Promo Banner for the 2017 Join Conference  Using After Effects to extract the video from the background I then put Will (the person with the headset) inside the GIF while animating smoke in the background
 Social Media Banner for our partnership with Facebook Workplace™  Done in Photoshop with product screenshot provided by Facebook
 Social Media Banner for Looker’s Webinar  Done in Photoshop
 Early social media banner highlight on Looker’s customer Twilio  Done in Photoshop
 Join Banners for social media  Designed in Sketch
 Join Banner for social media  Designed in Sketch
 Design for the opening screen on the Join App for Looker’s 2016 JOIN conference  Design done in illustrator
 Looker GIF resized for a Twitter Ad Campaign done in Photoshop
 Looker email newsletter markup
 Website redesign done in Sketch
 Website design done for the professional services team in 2017  Designed in Sketch
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